プロフィール / Profile

日本語・英語 対応可。

NIKE、Adidas、 RedBull等グローバル企業への楽曲提供。
音楽専門雑誌「Sound & Recordings」への楽曲制作方法筆談。
その他、映画音楽制作 など..

Japanese and English available.
Provide music for major artists such as Miliyah Kato, Namie Amuro, Yuko Araki, and SALU.
Providing music to global companies such as NIKE, Adidas, RedBull.
Written communication on how to make music for the music magazine “Sound & Recordings”.
In addition, film music production, etc.
Not only on the Japanese scene, but also active on the world stage.

好きな音楽ジャンル / Favorite music genre


HipHop, EDM, general dance music

皆さまへ一言 / A word to everyone



For those of you who want to start making music with DTM but can’t take the first step, I would be happy if you could realize that “it’s easier than you think and you can make it intuitively!”

Also, those who want to master sound creation also learn Mixing / Enginnering, and those who want to be a producer / beatmaker as their job are also welcome! I would be very happy if I could help those who are worried or want to have more confidence for your music. We are looking forward to meeting you all!