プロフィール / Profile

東京スクールオブミュージック ボーカル科卒業。



Atsuno is a Japanese singer and songwriter.
She moved to Tokyo to become a singer and studied music in earnestly at a vocational college.She was impressed by the Gospel performances she listened to when she was in college and was devoted to Black music.And she participates in ensemble performances at churches in Los Angeles, USA, as the lead vocalist.
She also started her career as a solo artist after experiencing being a back-up vocalist and recording of many famous artists such as Masayuki Suzuki and Yuzu.
In 2016, she formed the piano and vocal unit “The Mode”.
She is one of the hottest young vocalists in the future, having experienced co-starring with famous artists such as Judith Hill and Rob Bacon.

趣味/休日の過ごし方 / Hobbies


I usually spend my day off going to the gym, traveling, visiting art museum and exhibition.

好きな音楽ジャンル / Favorite music genre


Contemporary R&B, Neo-soul, Hip-hop

JOYのいちばんのおすすめポイントは? / What is the best thing about JOY ?


Coming to school, attending lessons and meeting the instructors is a space where we can learn and improve ourselves. And also all staff are very nice so you can feel a homy atmosphere here.

レッスンを通じて、生徒さまにどうなってもらいたいか / How do we want our students to become through lessons?


Regardless of what your goal is, we hope that through the lessons you will accumulate small successes in becoming able to do what you could not do before. I hope that by experiencing more successes through vocal training and gaining self confidence you will be able to enrich your life.

皆さまへ一言 / For students


Hi I’m Atsuno. I’m working as a singer-songwriter and vocal coach! For those who want to become professionals and who want to enjoy it as a hobby, we are working hard every day to provide everyone who would like to have vocal skills, so please feel free to take lessons!
I’m looking forward to meeting you and let’s enjoy your beautiful journey of enhancing your voice.